Natural breastfeeding in Prague
  • Vytvořeno dne: 12. 9. 2019

Expecting a baby? Or having a newborn at home and struggling? It is quite “normal”. 92% of new mothers report significant problems with breastfeeding within the first week. 

Although breastfeeding might be natural, it does not always come naturally. It is actually learned skill. 

This amazing online breastfeeding course will help you to prepare for a solid start to your breastfeeding relationship. Learn to love breastfeeding. Natural Breastfeeding turns a struggle into a snuggle. You can find more information of this program designed by Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, MD and Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA on Natural breastfeeding website. 

You can purchase the course there for 97$ or as the Natural breastfeeding professional, I can offer you a lifetime access for only 500 CZK. 

Hurry up! This offer is only for limited time. Call me on 721 945 139, or send me an email I can also see offer a complete package of support for mother and child.